FAQ with FOUR32C

As one of the best digital design agencies in New York, we thought we’d put together this FAQ to show you why we deserve the status of the top digital design studio. Plus we just like talking about ourselves.  


Where are you located?

We are in West Chelsea in New York, NY. We are in the art neighborhood of New York and have dozens and dozens of galleries in our building (an old factory) and around the neighborhood. Our building is a celebrity hotspot and one employee claimed to see Justin Timberlake in the elevator once. We love being in the design NYC community, in our building alone there are so many cool artists and designers. We feel very, ahem, hashtag blessed. We love New York.

What’s so good about West Chelsea?

We made a map of our neighborhood in Manhattan if you want to know more. But you’re always welcome to swing by our studio and say hello. We can make a nice cocktail and we almost always have some beers in the fridge.

Have you been profiled in Adweek?

Why yes we have been profiled in Adweek, thank you for asking.

Have you won awards?

Totally. We are an award winning digital agency. We’ve won with Awwwards, SiteInspire, FWA, Communicator Arts, Min Online, W3 Awards, GDUSA, Pixel Awards and may others!

Any user experience tips?

We’ve written about UX tips a few times. Here, and here, and here. We love UX tips! We have a lot to say about user experience and because of our background in editorial and content, we are one of the best UX agencies in New York. Our UX process is based in deep research to uncover all the brand and business goals. Every decision we make in our UX design is to reinforce your goals.

Would you consider yourself a UX agency?

Absolutely! We’d go as far to say we are the best UX agency you could find in NY. We have a very unique approach because of all our experience working in the editorial world of CondeNast and we are content experts. We take a high level of pride in making gorgeous websites that are highly usable. A website is just a pretty picture without strong UX. Our websites work hard for your business and brand.

Do you do web development at your digital agency in NYC?

We do! Our design firm works with many different kinds of CMS’s and apps.

What’s been a really complex digital design project?

Our work with CBS Interactive sports was particularly complicated. Fantasy football fans watch the game with their device to check on scores and stats so our challenge was to find a way to make live updates of multiple types of content easy for the editors. We ended up designing a ton of custom content modules so the editors could build out a live update with stats, video, copy, and images simply and easily. The amount of data used in fantasy football is comparably only to financial institutions.

As a New York interactive agency, do you do branding?

Absolutely. We also have a lot to say about branding as well. We love working on branding projects, especially identity projects where it intersects with digital. Regardless if it is a branding project or not, when we work on your digital projects we will dig into your brand and identity.

There are so many design studios in New York, how do you possibly choose an interactive agency NY?

Several things we can recommend as it is a major investment and it’s important to ensure it’s a good fit for all parties. First, make sure you like them personally. Second, there are a lot of design studios in New York doing great work, as you’re going through them label for yourself why you like them. See if you can find patterns in why you keep getting drawn to certain digital design studios and make sure those align with your brand and business goals. Lastly, ensure the interactive agency is curious about your brand, industry, and business. Despite how much we like talking about ourselves, we like talking about your more.

Do you have an interactive designer in New York City you admire?

Oooh! Don’t make us choose just one. Is it cheating to say our very own Mike Lee?

Do you really think you are the best digital design studio in NYC?


FOUR32C is an interactive agency in NYC. We do branding, UX, digital design, content strategy, information architecture, identity, and web development. We are located in the heart of West Chelsea in New York City.