Fashion Forward!


We’re delighted to announce the launch of the new Vera Wang website, our latest creation over 6 years of collaboration with the Vera Wang gang. The website celebrates the nonchalant elegance and laid back luxury that Vera Wang is celebrated for worldwide. Driven by modern style, couture-level quality, and impeccable service, the brand enjoys unparalleled customer appeal.

Our challenge and accomplishment in designing the Vera Wang website was to bring this effortless grace to a dynamic online experience that responds to the visitor’s location and language, integrating response and commerce cues without disrupting the experience. Subtle animations add elegance on the front-end, and automations in the CMS add performance efficiency for a small digital staff.

The mobile experience has been completely redesigned with full-page scroll, one tap zoom, and other gestures and interface elements that bring efficiency and energy to the site. The store finder is location-aware and provides results for all of the licensed lines in a fully filterable interface.

Built on a highly customized implementation of WordPress, the site is user-friendly for administrators so that the gorgeous fashion creations can be viewed as soon as they hit the runway. The full website is available in 9 languages and 20 country versions, and translations are done dynamically as new content is loaded. FOUR32C continues to collaborate with Vera Wang to drive global engagement, and we’re seeing a dramatic and continuous increase in both overall and mobile usage.

Check out our case study here.



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