Our Interns Answer the Tough Questions


Sunny skies are here again, which means the recent arrival of our summer interns eager to sharpen their skills and help the FOUR32C team out in areas like UX design, business development, and social media! We are so excited to introduce this talented duo!

JEN works with the design team focusing on user experience. So far, she’s been involved in various stages of the design process, from early research and site mapping to sketching and creating user flows.

FRANCESCA works with new business on identifying potential new business relationships, as well as researching and tracking trends in the business and advertising worlds. She also works with operations on developing FOUR32C’s social media presence.

Below is our Q&A with our summer interns and some photos they took of our neighborhood.plants2Q1: How do you explain what you’re doing to your parents?

JEN: At a high level, I tell my parents that my job as a UX Designer is to make any app or website easy to use instead of frustrating. This involves researching related products, analyzing how a user can get from one point to another within an app/website, talking to actual people who might use it, and designing it to meet their needs rather than your own. Then my dad usually starts ranting about how creepy Facebook is.

FRANCESCA: My parents have connections to the advertising world, so they have a pretty good grasp of what I’m working on. I tell them that I work on finding companies that need our services, and look at which people at these organizations we’d like to work with. I also experiment with any interesting social media tools or initiatives I could get our agency involved with in order to promote ourselves. streetQ2: What interests you about the field you’re working in?

JEN: I’m really interested in accessibility and designing for multiple uses and populations, in both the digital and physical realms. City planning issues can be great examples of this kind of thinking (or lack thereof). I recently read about a proposal to uncover part of the Piedad River in Mexico City. So instead of a highway running over a drainage system, you’d have roadways for private vehicles, plus public transportation, bikes lanes, walking paths, and green space — so much more useful!

FRANCESCA: I find discovering companies that could benefit from our services an interesting challenge, because you have to think about whether our capabilities would fit what the potential client would need. I’ve also been learning that in BizDev you need to be good at absorbing information about new trends and ideas, which has been really fun to keep tabs on – there’s so much happening! plants3Q3: How does downtime look for you?

JEN: In addition to working full-time at FOUR32C for the summer, I’m taking a class on Data Analytics, so downtime is rare these days. When I have it, I’m hopefully hiking in the Hudson Valley or going out to see live music. But I might just be watching Netflix or reading at home.

FRANCESCA: I just moved to NYC a few weeks ago, so I’m going to events or places I find interesting – usually art, startup or strategy related. But I’ve also really enjoyed just hanging out at a park with a good book.



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