Bon Appétit

An App for Seasonal Feasting

Bon Appétit first asked us to create Thanksgiving: A Bon Appétit Manual for the iPhone and iPad in 2013. The following year, we led a massive update for the new season, including an Android version. And in 2015, we debuted a fresh summer equivalent—Grilling: A Bon Appétit Manual. This app suite de-stress prep and in-kitchen experience, practically doing the cooking for you. Sponsored by Swanson and using the best Bon Appétit recipes, the apps create menus and plan user shopping and cooking to achieve culinary success. No matter the season.r.

Thanksgiving: A Bon Appétit Manual

First, we investigated the Bon Appétit brand and audience. Our competitor review helped hone our ideas for the essential Thanksgiving playbook—one which meets the needs of both expert and novice cooks. We developed typography, graphics, and palette to translate the BA aesthetic for the iOS environment. The app also incorporates multiple menu options; a calendar planning tool; and video tips, tricks, and tutorials. We whipped this all up in record time: 10 weeks from concept to acceptance in the App Store.

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Grilling: A Bon Appétit Manual

Grilling is the Thanksgiving seasonal equivalent. It features simple how-tos, tips, and videos straight from the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen to make great summer cooking and entertaining accessible for the novice grillman. And the app comes with more than a hundred new recipes for the expert grillmaster to test their culinary skills.

Making something that’s both beautiful and functional is supposed to be hard, but making this app wasn’t. FOUR32C proved to be the ideal partner—they were efficient and thoughtful, on time and on budget.

Adam Rapoport, Editor-In-Chief of Bon Appétit Magazine

A Single Platform for Lightning Fast Development

The secret to Thanksgiving’s and Grilling’s quick releases was our single platform model. Bon App’s editorial work correspond with reader tastes—which vary by the season—so we knew we needed not just a single app but a flexible app platform. Both were grounded in the initial Bon App aesthetics and our responsive code base. From that foundation, we were able to create multiple unique, critically-acclaimed apps in record time.


Thanksgiving: A Bon Appétit Manual launched on October 15, 2013.
Selected by Apple as ‘Best New App’
Featured inThe New York Times ‘Personal Tech’ app review
Society of Publication Designers Silver Medal, ‘App of the Year’

Grilling: A Bon Appétit Manual launched May 22, 2015.
Featured in
The New York Times ‘Personal Tech’ app review


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