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When Mic approached us for a project after seeing our work with Media Election, we immediately knew it would be a challenging – and important – project. Mic needed a website designed for their investigative journalism piece, “Unerased: Counting Transgender Lives,” about the epidemic of homicide and systematic failures of justice for the transgender community. As a companion to the article, they compiled a database of the demographic data of each victim with biographies and multimedia to serve as a resource for journalists, activists, and academics. Our challenge as designers and developers was going to be to build a digital platform that was powerful enough to support this serious issue, to display data in the most compelling and persuasive manner, and yet let this subject speak for itself.

data animation

UX Integration

How challenging is it to design a graphic system that is dynamic and fully supports the content without becoming intrusive? Quite. Mic.com needed the article and the database platform integrated without any break in the experience. With a tight timeline, they also needed rigorous and quick UX. For the article, we drew on our editorial experience from Condé Nast to design a layout that is highly readable both on a desktop and mobile. The design is clean and energetic, but always in support of the text. We utilized subtle animations to display the charts and statistics to create an engaging experience without distraction. For the database, we built a digital platform that allowed the victim’s stories to be at the forefront while giving the editors an easy experience to make updates and changes as needed, and to control layout of future content additions with a basic modular system. We build the platform using React, a flexible JavaScript library for large applications where the data will be added and updated over time.



Unerased: Counting Transgender Lives

We are honored to work with Mic.com on this important and urgent issue. See the website here.



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