An Online Destination Reflecting Modern Italian Elegance

While Solerno may suggest a mashup of the Italian word for sun (sole) and the name of the Mediterranean coastal city of Salerno, the brand name of the iconic Italian blood orange liqueur has come to mean much more in the premium spirits category. Winning rave reviews since its introduction, Solerno has proven to be a versatile cocktail that has earned legions of devoted fans.

A Modern Twist on Citrus

Made from Sanguinello oranges sourced from Sicily, and bottled in small batches, Solerno is the world’s first blood orange liqueur. Contained in an exquisite ombre-hued bottle designed to resemble Murano glass, Solerno delivers a modern twist on old-fashioned citrus-flavored liqueurs like Cointreau and Grand Marnier.

Although Solerno’s brand essence conveys vibrance, warmth, and richness, its original website was somber and rustic, a disconnect from the premium cocktail’s brand values. FOUR32C was entrusted to reimagine the design of a new Solerno website, one that reflected a bolder, more youthful take on the premium brand’s urban, modern Italian elegance.

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Made in Italy

Our design approach is based upon a visual language that establishes a confident sense of Solerno’s heritage and place without resorting to typical clichés associated with distilleries and Italy. Gone are the overly processed and heavily filtered images meant to evoke history, replaced by youthful, brightly colored images that showcase Solerno’s sun-drenched lifestyle and appeal to the liqueur’s target audience, namely Millennial women.

The lively new Solerno website captures the fashionable, sophisticated, and sunny disposition of the premium liqueur’s consumers, while maintaining and celebrating the brand’s modern Italian roots.

digital design agency new york city nyc

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